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Richardsons Care Homes Northampton.
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At the Richardson Partnership for Care, we provide a person-centred approach for rehabilitation
treatment and residential care for adults with an acquired brain injury or learning disabilities
The Richardson Partnership Residential Care Homes

The Richardson Partnership Residential Care Homes Northamptonshire

The Richardson Partnership for Care (RPC) was established in 1989 in Northampton by Brian and Jackie Richardson, who identified the need for specialised residential care homes for people with an acquired brain injury and/or learning difficulties. Richardson Partnership for Care is now run by the second generation of the family, Laura Richardson-Cheater and her husband Greg. Our focus is on providing a supportive and homely environment with the right level of clinical care to enable our service users to fulfil their potential. We also believe that attractive surroundings will improve their quality of life.

As this is a privately run partnership, we can take a long-term view and invest in the future of the business to provide a long-term sustainable environment for the service users. We don’t have pressure from shareholders or private investors to realise short term profits and raise high dividends.

The Richardson Partnership for Care has grown gradually over the last 30 years from one care home, in which Brian, Jackie and Laura lived, to six residential care homes in Northampton.

Our aims and objectives

  • To enable service users to fulfil their potential by providing the right environment and the appropriate level of clinical care
  • Deliver high quality care at a fair price
  • Provide a caring, friendly and homely atmosphere, treating service users with dignity and respect and encouraging social integration and participation

It has always been our philosophy to work within a framework to accomplish the following:

  • Community Presence - by taking positive steps to integrate service users into the local community. Our homes are situated in ideal locations, being in the suburbs of the town Northampton. They are close to a range of local amenities and facilities that are accessed fully by the home.
  • Choice - by respecting each persons’ individuality and uniqueness and by protecting and actively supporting their individual right to experience growing autonomy.
  • Dignity and Respect - that will facilitate the individual attaining a valued role within their local community.
  • Community Participation - by social integration in culturally-valued relationships.
  • Competence - by providing the individual with the opportunities and support that will enable them to develop their ability to skilfully perform functional and meaningful activities.
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