Staff Profile – Sian Richardson

This is part of a series of blog posts which we have created to introduce you to our team of professionals who make up the backbone of our organisation. The posts feature staff across the whole business: in the homes, referrals and admissions, multi-disciplinary therapies, maintenance, etc. They are written as a relaxed conversation, so you can get to know the “people” in our team.

Sian_Richardson_0122Sian Richardson is one of our Admissions and Referrals Co-ordinators, and she is based at The Richardson Mews. She has been with us since March 2012 and is one of our newest members of staff to come on board. She is tasked with networking with relevant professionals in our industry to  raise awareness of RPC and ultimately to facilitate those that need respite, transitional or residential care in finding RPC. She comes to us with extensive sales experience and together with her degree in Psychology of Human Behaviour, her compassion for her audience, as well as her passion for our service comes across really clearly.

When asked what her favourite part of her role is at RPC – she says that while she has only been in her role since March, she is still motivated by being in a position to enable a person to be moved from an inappropriate (and sometimes upsetting) environment and into our homes. To see the difference in that person and how much better their wellbeing is when they get the help, care and support they need – this is what drives Sian in her job. What helps Sian in her job is in knowing and seeing for her own eyes how much effort, detail, compassion, professionalism and genuine (human) care goes into looking after and providing for our service users.

In her spare time Sian enjoys being with her children, socialising with her friends (over a lovely glass of vino), walking her Cocker Spaniel dog and curling up with a good book (her current favourite is the Jack Reacher series by Lee Childs).

If you would like to meet with Sian or wish to find out more about what we do at Richardsons, or have a tour of our homes, please contact her on 01604 791 772 or If you work in our industry and are interested in connecting with Sian, you can find her on Linkedin here.

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