Nominations for National Learning Disability and Autism Awards

We are pleased to nominate three members of staff for the National Learning Disability and Autism Awards 2015.

Wendy Coleman is Manager at 23 Duston Road, a home registered for nine service users, providing care for people with challenging behaviour. Wendy ensures that care is truly person-centred and the service users are at the heart of any decisions she makes within the home. Wendy has challenging individuals living in her home and still manages to ensure a happy, homely atmosphere whilst providing an excellent clinical care package. She works closely with the multi-disciplinary team of therapists including Clinical Psychologists, OT, SALT, Physiotherapists and Psychiatrist to ensure service users receive the right care plans and interventions.

Wendy Coleman

Wendy Coleman, nominated for the Manager of the Year Award

Jane Payne, Service Manager, has been nominated for the Employer Award for her commitment to providing top quality care to people with learning disabilities by heading our group of homes. Jane has responsibility for supervising the managers and support staff, and has overall accountability to us, the owners. She is entirely service-user focused and always assesses the impact on service users when making decisions.

Jane has achieved a careful balance of providing empathetic, ethical care and maintaining a successful business. She believes that the two can go hand in hand and that profitability is vital to safeguard placements and provide a sustainable stable home for service users. Thanks to Jane, our homes have thrived and grown over the last few years.

Jane Payne

Jane Payne, nominated for the Employer Award

Patience Vushemasimba has been nominated for the Support Worker Award because of her compassionate, cheerful and very caring attitude that contributes to her skills as a support worker. She brightens the rooms with her greetings and smile, and has a genuine concern for others, including the people she looks after and the colleagues she works alongside. Patience offers support no matter what the person’s background or condition is that makes their day a bit of a challenge. Patience listens and empowers those in her care by encouragement, helping them to regain, maintain or improve their skills towards independence.

We would like to thank Wendy, Jane and Patience for their continued commitment and wish them best of luck in the awards. We hope that they can follow in Jackie Mann’s footsteps as she was a finalist last year! If you think that any of our staff deserve an award, please let us know.

Day Out – The London Dungeons

We are constantly searching for new activities, day trips or experiences for our Service Users in order to aid their rehabilitation. Here is an example of one such day where two of our Service Users chose what they would like to do in London for the day.

They caught the train to London and worked out which underground line they needed to get to the Dungeons. They had a lovely lunch at a pub nearby and after planning what they would like to do, they made their way to the Dungeons (following a tourist map). The Service Users relayed back to us that they had great fun in the Dungeons and had a good giggle at the skeletons in the dark alleys and on the boat ride. They enjoyed seeing different genres of “spooky” including Sweeny Todd; Judges; and the Fire of London…to name a few.  They had just enough time to grab the proverbial touristy shot (see below), buy a take-away and hop back on the train to Northampton.

There are great benefits to Service Users taking part in choosing activities they would like to do, plan their day including travel events and holidays.  Some of our Service Users prefer to go on outings on a one-to-one basis whereas others prefer group outings and holidays.  The experience not only gives them choices but enables them to make decisions in all aspects of their lives promoting their independence  which also gives the opportunity of flexing the skills of planning and making journeys…being aware of locations; the value of money; as well as safety and social skills interaction  when out in the community.  All of this means that from a rehabilitation perspective, the Service User is being able to make decisions  promoting their independence to plan forward and achieve goals.

A big thank you to Wendy Coleman (Homes Manager at Duston Rd) for sharing this lovely day out with us, in order that we can provide you, our readers, with some insights into the valuable breadth of our rehabilitation efforts for our Service Users.

Staff Profile – Wendy Coleman

This is part of a series of blog posts which we have created to introduce you to our team of professionals who make up the backbone of our organisation. The posts feature staff across the whole business: in the homes, referrals and admissions, multi-disciplinary therapies, maintenance, etc. They are written as a relaxed conversation, so you can get to know the “people” in our team.



Wendy Coleman

Wendy Coleman, nominated for the Manager of the Year Award

Wendy Coleman is our Homes Manager at Duston Rd and she has been with us since September 2011.  As a Homes Manager Wendy has a wide area of accountability when it comes to managing the staff, premises and of course overseeing the care of our service users. Her biggest responsibility is ensuring the well being of the service users and making sure that the required level of care is provided to meet the individual needs of each service user.

As part of her role as a Manager, Wendy is tasked with promoting a caring environment through high standards of professional practice and through managing, supporting and training her team.  There are of course operational, regulatory and financial elements to Wendy’s role – which include implementing and maintaining Operational Policies and Procedures; managing a Home budget; as well as complying with the Health and Social Care Act (and other relevant legislation). Each Home Manager networks with the local business community and social community interest groups to engage the surrounding businesses and interested local residents in the work that Richardson does – and Wendy is no different.

As do many of our staff – Wendy has a list of qualifications that give her a well rounded professional platform which supports her natural passion for the work she does. She holds the following qualifications:

  • NVQ Level 4 Registered Managers Award
  • NVQ Level 4 Care Award
  • Assessor Award
  • Internal Verifier Award
  • PTTLS Award

..and she is busy working toward her NVQ Level 5 in Strategic Management.

When asked what her favourite part of her role is at RPC – she says that she loves making a difference and being in a position to ensure that standards are kept at the highest level to promote and secure the best possible care for the service users in her Home. She also enjoys leading and supporting her team of staff to feel confident , skilled and empowered in their roles.

In her spare time Wendy enjoys spending time with family and friends. She loves travelling, and going out for lovely meals. Her husband plays in a band – so a lot of socialising happens on the week-ends!

If you would like to chat to Wendy about her role, ask about a tour of our Duston Rd Home or wish to find out more about what we do at Richardsons, please contact her on 01604 791 266 or If you work in our industry and are interested in connecting with Wendy, you can find her on Linkedin here.