2014 Conference and 25th Anniversary

We are pleased to announce the date of our 2014 Conference. It will be taking place on Thursday 15th May at The Richardson Mews, Northampton NN2 7BH. The theme of the conference will be ‘Behaviours that Challenge’ and we are expecting some interesting debates.

As it is our 25th anniversary this year, we will also be using the occasion to celebrate this milestone. Some of our service users have been with us since the beginning – they are the reason that we started the business – so it’s an important milestone for them too.There will be a delicious lunch and some more light-hearted activities in the afternoon. We do hope that you’ll be able to join us for at least part of the day. More details will follow later.

Louise Pittam

Admissions and Referrals Manager Louise Pittam at the 2013 Conference

Admissions And Referrals Team Complete ASDAN Training

The Admissions Team attended ASDAN Training in August this year, and wanted to share the experience with you our Blog readers.

As you may know, Richardsons became a centre for ASDAN back in May. ASDAN is a charitable social enterprise with awarding body status which provides programmes and qualifications to accredit skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life.

Our team worked in groups with care staff from all of our Homes to complete sections of the Independent Living Module with a specific Service User in mind so that they could think about how they would complete the record boxes. The “record boxes” are used to reflect: the Service User’s achievements; the level of support they received; and the skills that they used. (These boxes are also then used later on to provide evidence and refer to other sections within the accreditation process.)

The types of activities the Service User may need to evidence in this Independent Living module are things like making breakfast or making a hot drink. The ASDAN programmes are brilliant in that you can simulate an activity like making a hot drink and the person (Service User) could use cool water and perform the task out of the kitchen (at a table for example) so that they still engage and achieve making a drink, but in a way that manages the risk of them being in the kitchen or around hot water. After a simulated task has been completed, our staff can then replace the simulated drink with an actual drink so that effectively the person has made their own drink in a safe way.

ASDAN recognises the level of support that people need to complete an activity which is very helpful when trying to reflect the level of skill which the Service User can achieve.

To the Admissions Team (Sian, Louise, Bill and Diane) ASDAN means that they can speak plausibly to people about specific ways in which a potential Service User could engage with the ASDAN activities. It also means that we can actively promote ASDAN as an essential part of an activity schedule within our Homes. As a team…we are also able to support a particular Service User in a particular situation with their activities, because we have also been trained alongside with the care staff in the Homes. (We are all based at The Mews, so we engage with Service Users daily.)

What we love about ASDAN is that it demonstrates that intensive residential care services can still promote and support people to maintain, gain and regain independent living skills in the most tailored and person-centred way. This fits in nicely with our ethos of person-centred care.

Louise Pittam, the Admissions and Referral Team manager (right) says that “It has made us aware that there is always something a Service User CAN do, through task simulation. Everyone should have this opportunity.”

If you would like to find out more about our person-centred care, or indeed about the ASDAN programmes we run, please feel free to give us a call on 01604 791 266. ASDAN are also on Twitter if you would like to follow them there.

Staff Profile – Louise Pittam

This is part of a series of blog posts which we have created to introduce you to our team of professionals who make up the backbone of our organisation. The posts feature staff across the whole business: in the homes, referrals and admissions, multi-disciplinary therapies, maintenance, etc. They are written as a relaxed conversation, so you can get to know the people in our team.

Louise Pittam is our Admissions and Referrals Manager (based at The Mews), and has been with us since May 2012.  Louise’s role includes managing our admissions and referrals team, as well as ensuring that RPC maintain strong local relationships to build an environment that leds itself well to continuous successful referrals into our organisation. This involves her and her team keeping the right people up-to-date with who we are; what we offer; and of course where we are…at a time when we are needed the most.

Louise holds a Business and Social Administration Degree; a Certificate from the Chartered Institute of Marketing; and is also qualified as a PRINCE2 Practitioner.

Her favourite part of working for RPC involves witnessing the positive progression of Service Users which just bolsters her enthusiasm to speak to new people about RPC and what we achieve as part and parcel of our “normal” inclusive service. In fact, just the other day she watched as a Service User flew past her office window riding an adapted bicycle shouting “Come On!”…with the support from the therapist. (A great physical milestone to be able to witness!)

A mini-project which Louise would like to get her teeth into one day is working with our Service Users to formulate a Service User Guide which will be able to tell a story that encapsulates how living at RPC really is for them and how the rehabilitation helps to build life skills and promote independence. Louise thinks this would be handy for new and prospective Service Users to hear the story straight from the people who experience it.

When she does get to relax, Louise takes the opportunity to sleep! She has two young daughters who keep her busy, as well as trying to fit in a spot of exercise with her Bootcamp sessions and amateur dramatics!

If you would like to chat to Louise about her role, or would like a tour of any of our facilitates please contact her on 01604 791 266 or louise.pittam@careresidential.co.uk. If you work in our industry and are interested in connecting with Louise, you can find her on Linkedin here.