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At the Richardson Partnership for Care, we provide a person-centred approach for rehabilitation
treatment and residential care for adults with an acquired brain injury or learning disabilities
Service users frequently asked questions

Service users frequently asked questions

Common questions asked by service users.

1. Are there set times when I have to go to bed and get up?

 This is your home, so you can choose to do what you like, when you like as long as it is not dangerous and does not affect the other service users. We encourage you to go to bed and get up at reasonable times, which we will agree with you.

2. Can I see my family and friends? 

Yes, we have an open house policy, which is facilitated by the House Manager. We ask your family and friends to visit during normal social hours.

3. What’s the food like? 

We provide three healthy and nutritious meals a day, with a varied menu, which you can help to plan. Soft drinks, plus tea and coffee are available all day and we cater for all religious and ethnic requirements as fully as possible.

4. Can I cook my own food? 

 Yes, we support you if you want to make your own meals. In The Mews, some rooms have their own kitchen or you can use the specially-equipped kitchen designed for Occupational Therapy. You are also welcome to use the house kitchen to prepare your own food.

5. Where do I eat?

 Each home has a dining room where meals are served. Some homes need to have more of a routine around mealtimes than others. If you prefer, you can eat in your room.

6. What activities can I do?

 We organise a wide and varied range of activities, from bingo and games evenings in the home to swimming, cinema visits and day trips. These activities are optional and you are encouraged to tell us what activities you would like to do and continue any interests that you have. More information about activities for service users can be found here.

7. Is there somewhere quiet that I can go, if I don’t want to stay in my room?

 Yes, as well as a lounge with a TV, DVD player and music centre, each home has another lounge and other communal spaces so that you choose whether you socialise with the other service users.

8. Can I still smoke?

 Yes, you are able to smoke but as it is dangerous to smoke in your bedroom, we ask you not to smoke in there. To respect the health and comfort of other service users we also ask you not to smoke in the house but there is a covered area in the garden set-aside for this purpose. Cigarettes can be purchased from the local shops, and staff will help you if you wish to limit, reduce or give up smoking.

9. Are there any house rules?

 In any house where several people live together there have to be some restrictions. These are to make sure that everyone’s wishes are taken into account. We try to keep them to a minimum, and your key worker or another member of staff will explain any rules to you. If we find that the rules aren’t working, then we will work together to find an appropriate solution.

10. What happens if I do not feel well? 

Staff are all trained and experienced to help you if you are not well. You can tell them, or they may notice a change in you and will ask you.

11. If I have an acquired brain injury, what recovery will I make?

 This depends on each individual person. Our professional team will work with you to plan your recovery, setting goals for you and supporting you to achieve them. Our aim is for you to increase your independence and to enable you to live independently again if you can.

12. Can I go out?

 The home is kept locked for your own security, but you are not forcibly kept anywhere and are free to go out. You will be accompanied by a support worker if needed.

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Service users frequently asked questions

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